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Hi, I am Vijay Kumar Sinha. I am an educator by profession. I have been mentoring a large number of students in their school curriculum, college education, various competitive exams (including job related written exams) and interview-preparation.

During my direct or indirect teaching, I have very close interaction with a wide range of students and academic experts. On the basis of my experience and expertise, I came to a conclusion that I should make use of my knowledge and experience for the benefit of the students, teachers and knowledge-seekers throughout India and to some extent even those residing in other countries.

Through my blog ” Top Updates “, I will keep you updated in the fields of Job Preparation, Competitive Exam Preparation, Entertainment World and Education. Quality of content will be my foremost priority. I will take all possible care for providing you well-verified facts and updates.

I am the sole author of this blog.

I will be constantly trying to write qualitatively strong contents in my blog post.


Vijay Kumar Sinha


Email Id: topupdatesbyvk@gmail.com