Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt


The SSC CGL examination conducted by the Staff Selection Commission is highly coveted among the exams pursued in India. After you crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt, doors will be opened to reputed & well-paid government jobs across various ministries, departments and organizations. However, the SSC CGL exam is known for its tough competition.  To crack the SSC CGL 2024, a well-structured and strategic approach is essential. In this blog post, I will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to crack the SSC CGL exam in your very first attempt.

Cracking the SSC CGL in The First Attempt
Cracking the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

The prerequisites to Crack the SSC CGL in the First Attempt  (Eligibility standards ) are as follows:


Candidates must be citizens of India, Nepal, Bhutan, or Tibetan refugees who came to India before January 1, 1962, with the intention of permanently settling in India, or individuals of Indian descent who have relocated from Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the East African nations of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia, and Vietnam, driven by the purpose of permanently settling in India.

Age Limit

The general age limit for most of the posts is 18 to 32 years as of the last update.
However, there are relaxations for candidates belonging to reserved categories.

Age limit relaxation for different categories: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt                                                                        

1. Scheduled Castes (SC) / Scheduled Tribes (ST):              from 5 to 10 years

2. Other Backward Classes (OBC):                                      from 3 to 10 years.

3. Persons with Disabilities (PwD):             10 years for unreserved candidates,

                                    13 years for OBC candidates & 15 years for SC/ST candidates.                                                                                             

4. Ex-Servicemen:-

The maximum age limit that can be relaxed for Ex-Serviceme (Based on their years of service in the armed forces), is usually up to a maximum of 3 years.

5. Widows/Divorced Women/Women Judicially Separated and not remarried: –

Widows, divorced women and women who have been judicially separated but not                  remarried are often granted an age relaxation of up to 7 years.

6. Defence Personnel disabled in operation during hostilities: –

For disabled defense personnel, there is an age relaxation of up to 5 years.

Educational Qualifications: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

A minimum educational prerequisite entails obtaining a bachelor’s degree from a…
recognized university or institution. The specific educational qualifications
can vary depending on the post applied for ( within the SSC CGL Exam ) .

Salary ranges for some of the popular posts under the SSC CGL: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Note—-The figures given below can vary based on factors such as the pay commission,
location and other allowances. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend referring to the official SSC website or the specific notification for the examination cycle you are interested in.

Here are the approximate salary ranges for some of the posts under SSC CGL:-

Assistant Audit Officer (AAO )—                         Rs. 47,600 to Rs. 1,51,100.
Group “B” Gazetted (Non-Ministeries Group ” B ”

Holder of the position of Assistant Section Officer (ASO) within the Central Secretariat Service (CSS).  Group ” B ”                                        Rs. 44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400

Assistant in Other Ministries/Deptt                      Rs. 44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400.
Group “B”

Inspector (Central Excise, Preventive Officer, Examiner)
Group ” B ”                                                         Rs. 44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400.

Income Tax Inspector (CBDT)                            Rs. 44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400.
Group “C”

Individual occupying the role of Sub-Inspector (SI) within the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or National Investigation Agency (NIA)
Group ” B ”                                                       Rs. 44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400.

Divisional Accountant in CAG                          Rs. 35,400 to Rs. 1,12,400.

An individual serving as an Assistant Section Officer (ASO) within the Ministry of Railways.
Group ” B ”                                                      Rs. 44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400.

Exam Pattern and Syllabus to Crack the SSC CGL in the First Attempt

The exam is divided into four tiers —

Tier I                                                   Preliminary Examination (Computer-based)
Tier II                                                   Main Examination (Computer-based)
Tier III                                                  Descriptive Paper (Pen and Paper mode)
Tier IV                                                 Skill Test/Computer Proficiency Test

Each tier has a specific syllabus and focuses on different subjects. So, you have to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern, marking scheme and topics covered in each tier to plan your preparation effectively.

Most Effective Books for Your Thorough Preparation in Least Time-

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam: Syllabus and Preparation Strategy`

The SSC CGL Tier 1 exam is the first step towards your dream of securing a government job. This computer-based examination assesses your aptitude and knowledge in various subjects. To crack this stage in your first attempt, you need a well-structured preparation strategy. Let’s discuss the syllabus and an effective preparation plan for Tier 1 Exam.

Syllabus for SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

The Tier 1 exam consists of four sections—

 General Intelligence and Reasoning:                                                                                         

This section tests your logical reasoning and analytical abilities. Topics include Analogies, Coding-decoding, Series, Puzzles, Classification, Blood relations, etc.

General Awareness:

Here, your knowledge of Current affairs, History, Geography, Science, Economics and Cultural events is assessed. You have to focus on both static and dynamic GK.

 Quantitative Aptitude:

This section evaluates your Mathematical skills. It covers topics like Percentages, Ratios &      Proportions, Averages, Time and Distance, Geometry, Algebra and more.

English Comprehension:

Your English language proficiency is tested through questions on Grammar,    Vocabulary, Sentence correction, Reading comprehension and more.

Main points you have to remember. 
to Crack the SSC CGL in the First Attempt——                                                           

Create a Study Plan

Develop a comprehensive study plan that allocates sufficient time to each section.
Balance your strong and weak areas.

Practice Regularly:

Solve a variety of questions from each section to improve your accuracy and speed. Use previous year papers and mock tests to practice in a systematic way .

Time Management:

Master the art of efficient time management throughout the examination. Practice solving questions within the stipulated time limit to enhance your speed.

Mock Tests:

Take mock tests regularly to simulate the actual exam environment. Analyse your performance and work on weak areas.

Revision: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Set aside dedicated time for revision. Revise important formulas, vocabulary and concepts regularly to reinforce your memory.

Focus on English:

Improve your English skills by reading newspapers, magazines and novels. Enhance your vocabulary and practice comprehension exercises.

Stay Updated:

Keep yourself informed about current affairs and general knowledge topics. Follow reputable news sources and make notes of important events .

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Understand the syllabus , plan your preparation, practice regularly and stay informed .

Syllabus for SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Tier 2 of the SSC CGL exam is also a computer-based test and it consists of two compulsory papers :-

Paper I – Quantitative Abilities 

This paper assesses your Mathematical and Quantitative skills. It covers topics such as Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Data Interpretation.

Paper II – English Language and Comprehension

This paper evaluates your English language proficiency, including Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence structure, and Reading comprehension.

Very Important :  Additionally, there are two optional papers for certain posts:

Paper III – Statistics

This paper is for candidates applying for the Statistical Investigator Grade II and Compiler posts.

Paper IV –  Finance & Eco ( General Studies )

This paper is for candidates applying for the Assistant Audit Officer and Assistant Accounts Officer posts.

Strategic Approach for Excelling in the SSC CGL Tier 2 Examination: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Review Tier 1 Content:

Before going deep into Tier 2 preparation, review the basic concepts from Tier 1 subjects, as they often form the foundation for more advanced topics .

Understand the Syllabus: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Go through the official syllabus for each paper and make a list of topics. This will help you organize your study plan effectively.

Quality Study Material: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Invest in high-quality study resources, including recommended books, online platforms and video lectures. Make sure the material covers the entire syllabus.

Build a Study Schedule: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Create a detailed study plan that allocates sufficient time for each paper and topic.

Master the Basics: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt
Focus on building a strong foundation of concepts for each paper. Clear your doubts and   seek help when needed.

Practice Regularly: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

For quantitative abilities, practice solving a variety of numerical problems. For English, read extensively and solve comprehension exercises, grammar questions and vocabulary tests.

Time Management: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Engage in solving questions within the allocated timeframe to enhance your pace and performance.

Mock Tests and Previous Papers: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Participate in frequent simulated assessments and tackle questions from past year’s examinations. This will help you get accustomed to the exam pattern, improve your time management skills and identify your weak areas.

Focus on Accuracy: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

In Tier 2, accuracy is very important. While speed is essential, ensure that you’re not compromising on accuracy. It’s better to solve fewer questions correctly than to attempt more questions wrongly.

Optional Papers (if applicable):

If you’re appearing for Paper III or IV, make sure that you have to go deep into the
subject-specific topics. Seek additional resources ( if necessary ).

Stay Updated: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Keep yourself updated with the current affairs and relevant news, especially for Paper IV –
General Studies (Finance & Economics).

Stay Positive: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Sustain your motivation and uphold a constructive mindset during the entirety of your preparation journey. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

SSC CGL TIER 3 Exam: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt                                                                                                                

The Tier 3 of SSC CGL (Selection Commission for Graduates at Combined Level) exam is a descriptive paper that assesses your writing skills in English or Hindi. Here are some steps you can take to prepare effectively for the Tier 3 Exam .

Improve Writing Skills: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Since this is a writing-based exam, focus on improving your writing skills. Read newspapers, magazines and quality books regularly to enhance your vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. This practice will enable you to articulate your thoughts effectively.

Practice Writing Essays and Letters: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Regular practice is essential. Write essays on various topics to improve your ability to present your arguments logically and systematically. Also, practice writing formal letters, applications and other types of written Communication.

Language and Grammar: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Pay attention to proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. A well-structured and error-free piece of writing will leave a positive impression on the examiner.

Vocabulary and Expression”: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Use a variety of words and phrases to make your writing more impressive. Avoid repetitive words and phrases and try to convey your ideas in a clear and concise manner.

Revision and Proofreading: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

After writing, take some time to revise and proofread your essay or letter. Review the content to identify potential grammatical inaccuracies, spelling errors, or irregularities.

Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Practice mock tests and solve previous year’s papers to get a feel of the exam format and types of questions. This will help you manage your time better and improve your writing skills.

Seek Feedback: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

If possible, let someone review your essays and provide constructive feedback. By doing so, you can pinpoint areas that need enhancement and polish your unique writing approach.

Stay Calm and Confident: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt                                                                                                  

Maintain a state of tranquility and composure on the day of the examination. Have a positive attitude and believe in your preparation. Remember that practice and preparation will surely pay off .

How to prepare for SSC CGL Tier 4 Exam: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

The SSC CGL (Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level) Tier 4 Exam primarily evaluates a candidate’s computer proficiency and data entry skills. It is conducted in two stages:-  DEST (Data Entry Speed Test) and CPT (Computer Proficiency Test).

Some steps to help you prepare for the SSC CGL Tier 4 Exam: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt

Improve Typing Speed                                                                                                 

Regular practice can help you type faster and with fewer errors.

Create a Study Plan                                                                                                           

Once you’re familiar with the exam structure, create a detailed study plan for every subject and its respective topics, distribute ample time according to your strength and weaknesses.

Study Material Selection                                                                                               

Online resources, Previous year question papers and Quality study material will provide you with the necessary foundation and insights to tackle different types of questions.

Focus on Basics and Fundamentals                                                                               

 Focus on understanding the basics and fundamentals of each subject, clear your doubts and concepts before moving on to more advanced topics.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs: Crack the SSC CGL in The First Attempt                                                                                  

Q 1. Can I apply for multiple posts under SSC CGL?                                                                                   Answer–Yes, you can apply for multiple posts by indicating your preferences while filling out the application form. However, you will be considered for the posts based on your merit and availability of vacancies.

Q 2. What is the mode of examination for SSC CGL?
Answer –The Tier-I, Tier-II and Tier-III exams are conducted in online (computer-based) mode. The Tier-IV exam (DEST/CPT) is conducted as a practical test on a computer.

Q 3. Is the SSC CGL exam bilingual?
Answer –Yes, the question papers for SSC CGL Tier-I and Tier-II exams are bilingual (English and Hindi), except for the English Language section.

Q 4. Is work experience required to apply for SSC CGL?
Answer- No, work experience is not a mandatory requirement for most of the posts under SSC CGL. However, some posts might have specific experience or skill-related criteria.

Q 5. What is the cutoff for SSC CGL?
Answer-The cutoff marks for SSC CGL vary every year based on factors such as the difficulty level of the exam, number of vacancies and the performance of candidates. It is determined separately for different categories and posts.

Q 7. Is there a minimum qualifying mark for each tier?
Answer– Yes, candidates need to meet the minimum qualifying marks for each tier to be eligible for the next stage of the examination.

Q 8. Is there an interview in SSC CGL?
Answer– No, there is no interview in SSC CGL. The selection is based on the cumulative
performance in Tier-I, Tier-II, Tier-III and Tier-IV (wherever applicable).

Q 9. Can I change my exam centre after submitting the application?
Answer- Generally, SSC allows candidates to choose their preferred exam centre during the application process. However, once the application is submitted changes to the exam centre are usually not allowed.

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